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: Preface
A glance at the history of HATCO and its attitude toward international and domestic projects,  show this undeniable fact that dealing with design and engineering, using the most modern and up-to-date methods in the world of science and industry, in various fields such as manufacture of products and construction of projects has always been a vital priority for HATCO. Considering the importance of quality principles in all aspects of the company management, the attitude of HATCO senior management is based on the "Commitment to the principles of quality, everywhere and anytime" based on the Customer Focus rules:
1.    Thoroughly understanding of customer needs;
2.    Observing of customers’ requirements based on professional up-to-date principles, regulations and standards.
3.    Interacting with customers to reach a common understanding in dispute resolution based on the win-win approach.
4.    And by discovering opportunities for improvement in various processes such as design and engineering, which are the main factors in creating the product and project, to take steps towards the mutual success of the company and customers, and as a result, to the benefits of stakeholders.

Design and Engineering:
At present, our company has two separate sections that work closely to each other as follows:
1-    Project design and engineering division located in the head office which is configured by specialties such as process, mechanics (Fix and Rotary Equipment), electrical, piping, instrumentation, and control system and civil with a capacity of 40 highly qualified experienced engineers. They are acting through the division of Project Management and Engineering coordinated by the deputies of Engineering and Projects in interaction and cooperation with similar teams in the subcontractors' companies (either domestic or foreign). This coordinated team is responsible for taking actions and following up implementations.
2-    Fabrication Technical Office and R&D section, located in the factory with the capacity of 10 specialists, under the supervision of Construction Deputy, are acting in various fields of products manufacturing and project realization, in close cooperation and interaction with other related departments.

Projects management:
Undoubtedly, complete success for HATCO and the customers will make sense when all the planned activities in all processes and parts of the organization are managed under the supervision of an efficient and leading leadership in the project implementation and control. For this purpose, HATCO is operated by allocating 15 specialists under the supervision of the Projects Management Deputy.

The Words of CEO:
The common and accepted principle of top management and each of these deputies is to address improvement opportunities to create more competitive capacities for the implementation of development programs and realizing the win-win solution for all beneficiaries.
In order to achieve the goals, in addition to expanding the knowledge of our colleagues, HATCO provides appropriate facilities such as workspaces, and advanced hardware and software, regularly monitoring and controlling risks as an integral part of work in all fields and activates to achieve its goals.