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Process gas compressors are considered as one of the main equipment of various industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemicals. And these main items are mentioned as the heart of such factories.
These types of compressors are divided into three main groups:
• Centrifugal Series  
• Screw Series  
• Reciprocating Series

Depending on the type of process gas service, flow rate, pressure and purity of gas, etc. each of these types of compressors has its own application. And also based on the technical complexities of this type of equipment, there are special standard requirements for them, including the most common API standards.
In fact, process gas compressors are inherently engineering products that are supplied in the form of a package or a complete plant in accordance with the requirements of the project. And since they are equipped with many different parts and items that are not necessarily "made" by the original supplier, ordering and purchasing them from lesser known or less experienced suppliers, especially in fully customized cases, can be very costly.
Today, due to the industrial needs of the country and limited access to foreign manufacturers on the one hand, and to reduce these costs and make the supply of these products competitive, HATCO produces a variety of process gas compressor packages such as centrifugal, screw and reciprocating series.
In addition to good trade relations with prominent and reputable foreign partners, we share our knowledge and experience in the field of design and engineering, construction and assembly, installation, training and services to develop the market and increase the product portfolio to meet the needs.   

Our product portfolio with the aim of making projects more economical and increasing the capability and high level of reliability in the use of this equipment and sustainable development in various industries such as oil and gas refineries, petrochemical units, oil-rich areas, surface gas collection, They are used in steel, chemical, etc. industries and in addition to the possibility of supply in various pressure and capacity ranges, can be used in harsh environmental conditions and use a variety of gases with corrosion, acidity and flammability properties in accordance with the int
ernational and region standards and cods.

Types of systems available:
• Single-stage to multi-stage centrifugal compressors
     - In CC series up to capacity and working pressure
     - In TM series up to capacity and working pressure
• One to several HGR series reciprocating compressors
 Power range and up to pressure
• HGD series one and two stage screw compressors
Up to capacity and work pressure

Advantages of choosing HATCO:
• Utilizing the high technology with high reliability
• Available in API, DIN, ISO, ASME, IEC standards
• Various gas applications (flammable, explosive, toxic, sour, corrosive, etc.)
• Explosion safety (suitable for natural gas, oil, chemical industry, etc.)
• Simple and tailored design for safe operation and easy service
• Advanced control systems with full DCS access capabilities
• Ability to customize the plant according to customer needs
• Available in all types of drivers
• Superior support and services for 15 year

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