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Oil Injected Screw Compressors
HATCO is one of the experienced manufacturers in designing and manufacturing this series of widely used equipment in the region and is known as one of the well-known and experienced manufacturers in the domestic markets by implementing numerous successful projects.
Our approach in designing and manufacturing of these plants is also based on localizing as much as possible newest the technologies in accordance with the conditions and the requirements of various clients.
Oil injection screw compressors series from HATCO are designed and manufactured to work in harsh and continuous conditions.
They are able to create complete stability in terms of operation in production

Types are available:
HAV : Variable speed drive
HAG : Gearbox series
HAS: Low speed direct drive
HAD: Direct drive via Normal speed
HAB : Belt drive

General specifications:
Capacity range: 1.4 – 71.5 m3/min
Working pressure range: 4.5 – 14 bar g
Power consumption range: 15 – 500 kW



Advantages of choosing HATCO:
Utilizing the high technology with high reliability
Full capacity and support of engineering and project teams
Ability to customize the plant according to customer needs
High quality of the main components from the best suppliers
Energy reduction approach
No vibration at skid
Less noise level
Convenient design for easy access to all compressor parts and components
Minimum space required for installation
Quick and easy installation
Superior support and services for 15 years

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